Combat Pilots of WWII

Combat Pilots of WWII with “then and now” photos and their stories
is going to be published as a hardcopy “coffee-table” style book.

I have photographed and interviewed 26 WWII pilots, including some very famous pilots in the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia and the USA (thanks to Mike Schoenholtz who photographed the American pilots).

I photograph them as they are now in poses that are similar to photos of them taken during the war. In most cases you can see clearly that the old man and the young man are the same person.

Combat Pilots of WWII shall be available as a  hard-copy “coffee table” book in 2014.

I am the son of an RAF fighter pilot. I grew up around British, Australian and American pilots from WWII, so when I trained as a professional photographer it made sense to me to photograph and interview some of these fine old men as I knew them to have amazing stories to tell and they would make good photographic subjects.


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Combat Pilots of WWII


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